Concrete Moisture Test Kits

Tramex Concrete Moisture Test kit

Kits for testing moisture in concrete floors and slabs

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There are many different ways of testing concrete for moisture and the required test methods can vary, depending on the purpose of the test. For example:

  • Determining readiness for floor covering: When verifying if a concrete slab is sufficiently dry to receive a floor covering, it may require inspection and approval from a concrete specialist.

  • Evaluating conditions for flooring or coatings: Flooring or coating installers need to assess the concrete slab to ensure that the moisture levels are suitable for the application of flooring or proper adhesion of coatings materials.

  • Assessing water or flood damage on a concrete floor: Concrete that has been affected by water or flood damage needs to be carefully examined and monitored during the drying process to ensure proper restoration.

  • Investigating floor failure: In cases where floor failure has occurred, a comprehensive investigation of the concrete slab is necessary to identify the causes and determine appropriate remedies.

The chosen concrete moisture testing method may be determined by industry standards, such as the required percentage of moisture content or relative humidity readings. Additionally, mitigation procedures might be necessary if high moisture readings are detected, warranting further investigation.

Best Concrete Moisture Test Kits by Tramex

Tramex has specifically designed the concrete moisture inspection kits to cater to the investigative testing methods required at different stages, including

  • signing off on new concrete,
  • installing floor coverings
  • conducting investigations related to floor failure or water damage.

All the Tramex concrete moisture test kits containing our 5-series moisture meters and dataloggers work with the Tramex Meters App for visualising readings, moisture mapping and sharing reports.

Concrete Coatings Inspection Kits

Tramex Concrete Coatings Inspector kit

The Tramex Concrete Coatings Inspection kits enable coatings installers to measure the concrete moisture content during the drying period and verify that conditions are ideal for proper application and adhesion of coating products. 

The combination of non-destructive impedance testing of the concrete slab (%MC), surface temperature check and testing of ambient conditions at the time of application can detect dew-point issues. Any issues can then be mitigated to guarantee a successful coating application.

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Flooring Installation Quick Check Kits

Tramex Flooring Installer Quick Check Plus Kit

The Tramex Flooring Installation Quick Check kits are tailored to flooring installers and provide test instruments for a rapid non-destructive moisture test during installation.

The Installation Quick Check ensures that both the moisture content of the concrete slab and the ambient relative humidity conditions show that there are no dew-point issues and that circumstances are suitable for laying a floor covering at that time.

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Concrete Moisture Probe Kits

Tramex Concrete Determinator Inspector Kit

The Tramex Concrete Moisture Probe kits offer a combination of quantitative impedance surface readings (%MC) and in-situ moisture content (%MC) probe testing in a unified concrete moisture test.

Additionally, the Concrete Determinator Inspector Kit allows for in-situ relative humidity measurements (ASTM F2170) in concrete floors or slabs with re-usable Hygro-i2 probes. Dew-point checks can be carried out to ensure successful floor installations.

The Complete Concrete Moisture Test System, the 5-point test, can be carried out with the Concrete Determinator Inspector kit.

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How to use our Concrete Moisture Test Kits?

The Tramex kits can be used to carry out a variety of concrete tests, depending on the purpose of the tests. For example: does the concrete need to be signed off as ‘dry enough’ to receive a floor coating or covering, is it being covered with floor covering and requires testing at the time of installation, or has there been a floor failure or leak and the concrete requires inspection and restoration.

Our concrete moisture testing methods, such as the Flooring Installation Quick Check Test and the Complete Concrete Moisture Test System have been developed to provide the user with accurate, in-depth, reliable and relevant moisture readings. The methods follow industry standards and best practice and provide a complete and comprehensive picture of the moisture content of a concrete floor.