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The Tramex Meters App is now your one go-to App for all Tramex Bluetooth devices – Tramex 5-Series Moisture Meters and Feedback Dataloggers. The Tramex Meters App has numerous features, including those in previous Tramex Apps, such as the Feedback Datalogger App and the Moisture Mapping App.


Compatibility - iPhone iOS 13.0 or later / Android 11 or later.

Tramex Meters App

Introducing The Tramex Meters App

Get Started with the Tramex Meters App

Visualize your Readings

On pairing any of your Tramex 5-series moisture meters to the Tramex Meters App, the meter readings appear larger on the App device and allow for easy visualization of measurements when using the optional extension handle while testing those hard to reach places.

ME5 with Tramex Meters App and Extension Handle
Photograph & Geo-tag with Tramex Meters App

Photograph & Geo-tag your Meter Readings

  • You can take a photograph of the meter in the testing location. The photo shows the readings displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and will be time-stamped by your device.
  • It is also possible to Geo-tag the image, providing vital supportive documentary evidence for your moisture measurements and readings. If you do not know the address you can click the Geotag icon and the address can be selected.
  • These same features are available for the Concrete Moisture Encounters, CME5 and CMEX5, enlarged visualisation of non-destructive %MC readings from the meter when on the extension handle; photographic and geo-tagged documentary evidence of your concrete moisture measurements

Moisture Map Your Readings

  • Save photographs or plan drawings of floor or wall surfaces to your App and use these as the background image to grid-style moisture maps.
  • The moisture reading values are entered into the map grids. The grid density can be adjusted to give more detail where needed.
  • The completed moisture maps can be used in reports as explicative visual documentation as well as exported in files.
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Moisture Map Your Readings

Moisture Map with the Tramex Meters App

Feedback Datalogger Readings

The Feedback Dataloggers models DL-RHTA and DL-RHTX are equipped with an ambient sensor and plug-in ports for a Contact Temperature Probe. The DL-RHTX also features a plug-in port for an external Hygro-i2® RH probe. Once connected to the Tramex Meters App, ambient DataLogger readings (and surface temperature readings) will be shown on the screen of your device.

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Feedback Datalogger Readings
View Different Charts

View Different Charts

In addition, you can also view a Thermal Condition Chart and a Psychrometric chart. These charts are also available for the external Hygro-i2® RH probe. This allows for visible and recordable logged data for both ambient and in-situ conditions to be documented.

Share Your Reports

With the Tramex Cloud system, you can open your reports in your browser on any device, laptop or tablet of your choice. Your reports can be easily shared with others. It may be beneficial to have a record to show that you have carried out all the necesary steps to ensure a successful completion of your project. 

Sharing Reports