Insulated Hygrohood for Concrete RH testing

The Tramex Hygrohood can be used in conjunction with the TREMS-Xtra Remote Environmental Monitoring System to monitor the relative humidity and temperature of concrete and cementitious structures remotely and overtime.

British Standard Concrete testing

When used for RH testing of concrete floors and screeds, the Tramex Hygrohood complies to British Standards codes of practice BS8201, BS8203 and BS5325 that state that a concrete floor or screed should be sufficiently dry to allow installation of a resilient floor covering and should be tested using the insulated impermeable hood method. The Hygrohood can be used in conjunction with a Tramex external relative humidity probe and either a Tramex CMEX5 concrete moisture meter, a FeedBack Datalogger, or a TREMS-Xtra monitoring system.

Hygrohood and Remote Monitoring with the TREMS-Xtra

The TREMS-Xtra comprises a TRAMEX Cloud Station, 5 CS-RHTX Tramex Cloud Sensors for ambient conditions, and 5 external Relative Humidity probes. These external probes extend the benefits of the remote monitoring system allowing for use with the Tramex Hygrohood as well as for in-situ readings within building structures cavities in walls and ceilings and in situ RH readings in concrete.

Each or any of the Cloud Sensors in your system can be connected to a Hygrohood onsite to transmit relative humidity, temperature (ºC and ºF), dew point and grains per pound / grams per kilo readings wirelessly via the Tramex Cloud Station enabling remote monitoring of up to 200 on-site Sensors and Hygrohoods on the Tramex Cloud platform.

Product Order Code: RHIH
British Standard 8203 Compliant
British Standard 8201 Compliant
British Standard 5325 Compliant










  1. Before positioning the Hygrohood on the concrete or cementitious structure, the surface should be clear of any foreign materials and clean of any dust or loose materials that could affect a proper seal between the hood and the surface.
  2. Using butyl tape, seal the insulated Hood to the concrete surface.
  3. Insert the external probe into the hood.
  4. Connect the TREMS-Xtra system following the setup procedure for this system.

Hygrohood Specifications:

Size: 195mm x 195mm x 55mm
Weight: 30g
Construction: ABS Body


Relative Humidity Sensor

Temperature Sensor Specifications:

Exceptional Accuracy: ±0.1 °C Range 20°C to 60°C (±0.1ºF Range 68ºF to 140ºF)
Range: -40ºC to 125ºC  (-40ºF to 257ºF)
Sensor Protection: PTFE Film protects sensor opening from water & dust
Drift: <0.03ºC (0.04ºF) per year 


Relative Humidity Sensor Specifications:

Exceptional Accuracy: ±1.5%RH Range 0% to 80%RH, ±2.0%RH Range 80% to 99%RH (@ 25ºC (77ºF))
Range: 0 to 100%RH
Resolution 0.1% over the complete range
Drift <0.25%RH per year

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