Moisture Meters and Moisture Test Kits for Water Damage Inspection and Restoration

Feedback Datalogger with Dryer

Flood and Water Damage Assessment

Inspect the water damage and monitor the drying process

The key objective of moisture detection in the Water Damage Restoration industry is to identify and assess the extent of and damage caused by any abnormally wet or damp areas within building structures so that the drying progress can be measured, monitored and documented and the materials restored.

Restoring property to its ’pre-incident’ condition, requires that all building materials are examined thoroughly Before, During and After the drying process. This is to ensure that the drying parameters are maintained throughout the drying stages up until the drying goal is achieved at the end of the restoration procedure.

How to assess water damage with moisture meters

Moisture meters are essential tools for assessing water damage, enabling drying technicians to determine the extent of moisture ingress and locate its source. This is especially useful in cases such as leaks or burst pipes.

The best quality moisture and humidity meters provide instant and accurate moisture content readings for various materials, including concrete, wood, and other building materials. These moisture readings play a crucial role in determining the necessary steps for the mitigation process.

The results of moisture readings can be saved and visualized using color-coded moisture maps. These maps help identify patterns in moisture content levels, highlight problem areas, and pinpoint potential sources of water ingress. By taking readings at different phases during the drying process, moisture maps provide a visual representation of the drying progression. Furthermore, the readings can be saved in reports and easily shared with others.

Me5 on Drywall with Tramex Meters App

Tramex Water Damage Restoration Moisture Meters and Humidity Sensors

The Tramex range of moisture meters and thermal hygrometer data loggers are the very best in class, providing unrivaled repeatability and accuracy which technicians can rely on in every stage of the water damage restoration process. 

Tramex are unique in producing a full range of calibration check devices for each of our measuring tools. This ensures constant calibration, providing technicians with peace of mind and assurance regarding the accuracy of the meters.

Our Water Damage Restoration Kit range offers a wide selection of inspection and assessment solutions, specifically designed to meet the varying levels of investigative moisture detection required.

The best moisture meter for building moisture inspections

The Moisture Encounter MEX5 is the most versatile moisture meter for professionals in the Water Damage Restoration industry. The MEX5 is a non-destructive, dual-depth moisture meter which is calibrated for moisture readings in various building materials. It is the digital and extended version of the well-established ME5

The MEX5 features a built-in hygrometer and infrared surface thermometer for determining dew-point issues and has a port for optional external pin and relative humidity probes. These features make the MEX5 a great all-in-one instrument for conducting moisture surveys on most building materials and deeper within the building structures. Moisture readings can be saved into moisture maps for monitoring and reporting.

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Moisture Encounter MEX5
Tramex Moisture Encounter 5 on drywall

The no-nonsense pinless moisture meter, pre-calibrated for many building materials

The Moisture Encounter ME5 is the analog version of the MEX5 and is an extremely useful moisture meter for anyone inspecting moisture in buildings. This moisture reader detects moisture in walls, floors, ceilings and roofing, without damaging the surface material.

With the ME5, large surfaces can be measured in a short amount of time. The Dual-depth feature can help locate the moisture in the material by comparing surface and core moisture levels. The reading range can be adjusted to suit the density of the material with pre-calibrated settings for wood (MC%), drywall, roofing plaster, tile and masonry.

The ME5 works with the Tramex Meters App for saving moisture readings into moisture maps for monitoring and reporting. 

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How to use the Moisture Encounter 5

Moisture Mapping with the Tramex Meters App

Instant Moisture Content readings in concrete floors, slabs and screeds

  • Fast and Accurate: The Concrete Moisture Encounter 5, CME5, and the Concrete Moisture Encounter X5, CMEX5, are robust and durable concrete moisture testers that read into the top ¾ inch layer of the slab and provide instant, accurate, quantitative moisture content results. Due to their ease of use, a large concrete slab can be tested in a short amount of time.
  • Determine where the moisture is entering the slab. The optional Concrete Moisture Probe, CMP, extends the use of the Concrete Moisture Encounter range and provides in situ moisture content readings. Moisture entering the slab from below can be detected with the probe down to a depth of 4" (100mm).
  • Xtra benefits: The CMEX5 has the added benefits of being a relative humidity meter with its built-in hygrometer for ambient RH and temperature readings. The CMEX5 also features a plug in port for Hygro-i2 Relative Humidity probes to carry out the in-situ ASTM F2170 test or RH probes for measuring the ambient conditions in cavity spaces. Optional wood pin probes provide wood content readings and electrodes can be used for deep moisture readings in insulation materials.
  • Save and Share your data: Both the CME5 and CMEX5 work with the Tramex Meters App for saving data, moisture mapping, creating reports and sharing results with clients.  This data can prove crucial for all parties involved to make sure that all requirements have been met throughout the drying process.


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Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter 5 on Concrete

The Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 - CMEX5

Tramex narrow Relative humidity probe in between tiles

How to check for moisture in walls

Measure Moisture Content and Ambient Relative Humidity behind walls, tiles and within cavities, with access through small drill holes and without the need to remove the surface material.

  • Ambient RH probes measure Ambient Humidity, temperature, dew point and gr/lbs & g/kg in tight air spaces and are narrow enough to fit in between tiles.
  • Pin electrodes take deep wood moisture equivalent (WME) readings in many materials including soft material such as insulation.
  • Wood pin probes provide moisture content readings of wood and wood by-products

These accessories can be used with the Moisture Encounter MEX5 and Concrete Moisture Encounter CMEX5. The Ambient RH probes can also be used with the Feedback Datalogger DL-RHTX for logging over a longer period.

Monitor the drying conditions

Datalogger DL-RHTA in warehouse with Tramex Meters App


It is important to monitor the drying conditions to ensure progress is being made and that the required 'drying parameters' are efficiently controlled and maintained. The ambient conditions of temperature, relative humidity, gr/lb & g/kg, and dew point can be monitored either locally and remotely.

Tramex Feedback Dataloggers, DL-RHTA and DL-RHTX, and the Tramex Meters App allow for on-site datalogging of both ambient and in-situ temperature, rh, gr/lb & g/kg, and dew point conditions. The data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth BLE technology on-site to your Tramex Meters App on your mobile device. On the App you can visualize Live Readings, Thermal Conditions and Psychrometric Charts as well as creating and exporting spreadsheets, charts and reports.

Remote monitoring is possible with the Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System (TREMS) and its secure online Tramex Cloud system.


TREMS how it works

Multiple Cloud Sensors can be used in any one TREMS project, depending on how many areas of measurement need monitoring. The on-site Cloud Sensors transmit relative humidity, temperature, dew point and humidity ratio g/lb & g/kg readings wirelessly via the Tramex Cloud Station. In your Tramex Cloud account all collected data can be viewed remotely as files and in visual charts or graphs and compiled into reports. With TREMS, in the case that readings are outside the set parameters, alert notifications can be set up so that immediate action can be taken when needed.

With TREMS on your project, technicians and decision makers can decide whether a visit is required to take the industry standard readings in order to confirm completion or whether further drying is required.

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Moisture test kits tailored for the Water Damage Restoration Professional

It is crucial to have all the necessary tools and measuring instruments on hand when conducting a thorough moisture survey. As a leading moisture meter company with extensive experience in the Water Damage Restoration Industry, Tramex has developed Water Damage Restoration kits containing the essential moisture measuring tools for specific testing methods during the drying process.

These kits offer a combination of instant, non-destructive testing of floors, walls and ceilings together with instruments that can measure moisture and relative humidity conditions within building structures through small punctures in the surface material. The readings provide a clear picture of the moisture and relative humidity conditions behind and within building structures and floors, without much interference with the exterior layer. 

Readings can be made into moisture maps and saved into reports for sharing. Choose your kit depending on the testing methods you need to perform.

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Non destructive testing of floors, walls and ceilings

The  Water Damage Restoration Tech Kit is a compact kit for quick and easy non-destructive moisture detection in floors, walls and ceilings.


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Water Damage Restoration Tech kit
Water Damage Restoration Inspector Kit

Moisture detection and inspection deeper within the building structure

The Water Damage Restoration Inspector Kit is a moisture detection kit for further exploration of moisture and relative humidity conditions behind and inside wall and ceiling structures.


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Moisture detection and inspection deeper within the building structure and testing as per ASTM F2170

The Water Damage Restoration Master Kit is the extensive moisture detection kit for deep moisture and relative humidity inspection of floors (ASTM F2170) walls and ceilings.


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Water Damage Restoration Master Kit
Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System 5

Monitor environmental conditions remotely

The Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System TREMS-5 kit provides the most accurate, reliable, real-time building environment temperature and relative humidity readings and can be securely monitored from a remote location. This kit comprises 5 Cloud Sensors and one Cloud Station. More sensors can be added with an accessory pack.


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Remote Environmental Monitoring for large projects

The Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System TREMS-10 kit is ideal for large scale remote projects and / or sites and starts out with 10 Cloud Sensors and one Cloud Station. More sensors can be added if necessary with accessory packs.


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Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System 10