Tramex Hygrohood HYGH-MM

Insulated Hygrohood for Concrete RH testing

The Tramex Hygrohood is an insulated humidity hood with built-in hygrometer used for non-destructive Relative Humidity testing of concrete and other floors and screeds to international standards.

British Standard Concrete testing

Manufacturers or national standard recommendations:

British Standards code of practice BS8201, BS820 and BS5325 suggests that a concrete floor or screed should be sufficiently dry to allow installation of a resilient floor covering and tested using the insulated impermeable hood method. Non-destructive moisture content tests with the Tramex CME5, CMEX5, CME4 or CMEX2 can be carried out until the floor or screed reaches the moisture level specified by the floor-covering manufacturer. The Tramex CME5, CMEX5, CME4 or CMEX2 can be used to determine the areas of greatest concern on the floor or screed. At that stage relativehumidity tests using the Hygrohood can be implemented to corroborate the non-destructive moisture content test.


Pre-test conditioning and preparation:

For best and most accurate results, tests should be carried out after the internal conditions of the building in which the slab is located have been at normal service temperature and humidity for at least 48 hours. All artificial heating or drying equipment should be turned off at least 96 hours before final readings are attempted, otherwise results may not accurately reflect the amount of moisture present or moisture movement in the slab during normal operating conditions. Avoid testing in locations subject to direct sunlight or sources of heat. Use of artificial aids for accelerated drying of concrete is not recommended. If they are being used it is recommended they should be turned off at least four days before taking final readings. It is advantageous to know the background of the site e.g. when the floor or screed was poured, thickness levels, etc.



1. Before positioning the Hygrohood on the floor slab, the surface should be clear of any foreign materials and swept clean of any dust or loose materials that could affect a proper seal between the hood and the surface of the floor.

2. Using butyl tape, seal the insulated Hood to the concrete surface.

3. The Hygrometer will record minimum and maximum values while it remains switched on. Optional C°/F° units are available. Memory will be reset when the unit is switched off.


Always refer to the adhesive and/or floor covering manufacturer’s recommendations for the acceptable moisture content levels of concrete floor screeds.

Product Order Code: HYGH-MM
British Standard 8201
British Standard 8203
British Standard 5325






The Hygrometer is factory calibrated to 75% RH at 20°C. The calibration should remain stable for a minimum period one year from date of purchase unless the unit is physically damaged or misused.The measuringrange is 20% - 99%RH, with a temperature range of 32° - 122°F / 0°C - 50°C. Tolerances: +/- 3%, +/- 2°F / +/- 1°C. Replacement battery: CR2032.

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