ASTM F2170 Accessory Pack

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Accessory Pack for performing ASTM F2170


Accessory Pack for performing the in-situ RH test in concrete as per ASTM F2170.

The AP-F2170-B for use with the CMEX5 and DL-RHTX.

The AP-F2170 for use with the CMEX2 and MRH3.


The pack consists of:

  • 12 reusable Hygro-i2 probes
  • 1 interface cable
  • 1 calibration salt check
  • 100 ¾” (19mm) hole liners.

Product Order Code: AP-F2170-B (for use with CMEX5 and DL-RHTX)
Product Order Code: AP-F2170 (for use with CMEX2 and MRH3)

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