4.5" Relative Humidity probe for TREMS Xtra - RHP-SW

Reusable RH probe for use with TREMS Cloud Sensor Xtra

The Relative Humidity probe can be used in conjunction with the TREM-Xtra Remote Environmental Monitoring System to measure In-Situ Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point temperature and grains per pound humidity ratio of wall and cavity structures as well as ambient air conditions within the building envelope. 

Narrow 4mm (0.15”) versions are also available for use with the TREMS Cloud Sensor Xtra. These are the RHP-NW-B and the RHP-SNW-B

Product Order Code: RHP-SW-B (with Bayonet Connection for use with TREMS CS-RHTX, CMEX5, MEX5 and Feedback Datalogger RHTX)