Roof Inspection

Roof Surveying and Water Leak Detection

Roof moisture meters for flat roof inspection

From the time a flat roof has been installed, the structure should be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Any problems or defects need to be corrected as soon as they are noticed, to avoid further roof damage. The Tramex moisture inspection tools for roofing provide fast and accurate moisture reading results. Additionally, the Tramex Roof Scanners offer the most economical and safe methods of detecting moisture damage in flat roofs.

The Dec Scanner and Roof & Wall Scanner are designed to evaluate the moisture condition of an entire roof area to ASTM D7954 quickly & non-destructively. Both instruments are ideal for detecting and tracing the source of a leak as well as locating and moisture-mapping damaged insulation and roofing materials. The Tramex Roof Moisture Inspection Kits are not just for assessment of possible moisture problems but can also be used to perform an integrity test on a newly installed roofing system.

There is no need for special operating licenses or to clear the building of occupants and best of all, testing can be performed at any time of the day.

Scan your flat roof quickly and thoroughly

The Dec Scanner is ideal for carrying out moisture testing over a large flat roof area. 

  • ASTM D7954 Compliant.
  • Instant, non destructive and continuous scanning over a large roof area, saves you time and money.
  • Cover as much as 100,000sq ft in a normal working day.
  • Multiple ranges of sensitivity provide the capability to scan a wide range of roof construction types, allowing inspection of built-up as well as thin roof systems. The 3 different depth readings help locate moisture in the roof structure.
  • Detect as little as 2% excess moisture to a depth of up to 6 inches.
  • No need for a special operating license.
  • Transport by road or by air is effortless with our robust flight case (included).


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Tramex Dec Scanner

How to perform a roof moisture survey

Tramex roof and wall scanner

Deep moisture testing of walls and roofs

The Tramex Roof and Wall Scanner features multiple measuring modes for instant, precise and non-destructive evaluation of moisture conditions in wall and roof structures. The RWS is a handheld device that can also be used with the included extension handle for 'hard to reach' places.

  • Multiple depth penetration and sensitivity selection enables the user to trace leaks to their source.
  • ASTM D7954 Compliant.
  • Can be used for roofing, EIFS, foam insulation systems & other building envelope applications.


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Probes for measuring below the roof surface

Determine moisture content and take ambient Relative Humidity readings below the roofing material or in wall structures. This can be carried out by inserting pins or probes through small drill or puncture holes in the surface material.

These accessories can be used with the Concrete Moisture Encounter X5, CMEX5.

Tramex Pin Electrodes
Concrete Moisture Encounter X5

More than a concrete meter

The Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 might seem out of place in a roofing section, however concrete or cementitious materials can be found on flat roofs.

The CMEX5 moisture meter has the added benefits of measuring ambient conditions with the built-in Hygro-i2 probe.

It also features a bayonet port for optional accessories such as pin probes and Relative Humidity sensors.

  • Non destructive testing of concrete and cementitious materials with immediate results.
  • Instant readings of Ambient conditions and temperature.
  • The optional Bayonet plug in port extends the measuring capabilities:
    • Check moisture content in insulation material with Tramex electrodes.
    • Measure ambient conditions in cavity spaces within roof and wall structures using Tramex relative humidity probes.
    • Determine wood moisture content with Tramex pin probes.
  • Save readings and geotag locations into reports with the Tramex Meters App.


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Roof inspection kits

Tramex has developed kits for the roofing inspection and surveying professional. Tramex roofing kits include the necessary tools for further investigation when elevated moisture levels are detected, thus enabling the roofing inspector to carry out a full and comprehensive survey from start to finish.

Tramex Roof Inspector Kit

Moisture Detection and Leak tracing

The Roofing Inspector Kit is perfect for conducting a roof inspection or survey, tracing leaks and creating a clear picture of the moisture conditions within a built up roofing system.

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Surveying and inspecting large flat roofs

The Roofing Master Kit offers all the instruments of the Inspector Kit PLUS the mobile Dec Scanner with which a large flat roof surface can be scanned in a short amount of time. The ideal kit for performing a roof survey or flat roof inspection.

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Tramex Roofing Inspector kit