Checking Installed Floors with the ME5 on Shallow Depth

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The Tramex non-destructive ME5 is an effective tool for detecting elevated moisture under installed floor coverings, which is often a cause of flooring failure.

The ME5, set to Shallow Depth, measures moisture approximately 3/8 of an inch deep, focusing on the area just below the floor covering.

To use the ME5 effectively, determine the "dry number" after installation. Ideally for a successful installation, perform the Installation Quick Check, by recording the moisture content, surface temperature, and ambient conditions.

Using the ME5 and the Tramex Meters app, take and record moisture readings on top of the floor covering, saving this data for future reference.

If the dry number wasn't established during installation, use attic stock pieces to get a baseline reading, or take comparative readings throughout the floor to identify moisture variations. For further guidance on using the ME5, contact Tramex at [email protected].


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