How to use the Tramex ME5 Beeper, turn it on and off, and why you might want to

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In this video, we learn how to turn the Beeper on and off on the Tramex Moisture Encounter 5 (ME5).


The ME5 has a Wood %MC scale and a Comparative scale used for the Drywall-Roofing, Plaster-Tile, and Masonry settings.

The ME5 Beeper can be used in conjunction with the wood scale as an audio alert to signify potentially high wood moisture content above 18% MC. It can also be used to notify the user when readings are above 50 on the 1 -100 comparative scale.

When the meter is on any one of the bottom 3 settings it is suggested to use the comparative scale. When using the meter in this way it is necessary to establish a “dry number” which makes the Beeper, which is based on the %MC Wood scale, often irrelevant. By pressing the hold button twice consecutively you can easily turn off the beeper. Conversely, by pressing the hold button twice consecutively again, you can turn the Beeper back on.

Controlling this feature according to which scale you are using will help avoid a “false alarm”.