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Moisture Encounter MEX5

Get to know your Moisture Encounter MEX5

Thank you for selecting the new MEX5 instrument from Tramex.

This page offers useful information relating to your new instrument such as Quick Start Guides, User Guide and optional accessories.

Moisture Encounter MEX5 User Guides




The MEX5 and the Tramex Meters App

The MEX5 can be used with the Tramex Meters App. This App allows for moisture and relative humidty readings to be visualized and turned into moisture maps, reports and charts for sharing.

Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices also helps to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photos.

All these can prove to be part of essential data when conducting moisture surveys and investigations.

App store google play

Compatibility - iPhone iOS 13.0 or later / Android 11 or later.

Tramex Meters App

Accessories for the Moisture Encounter MEX5

There are a number of useful accessories for the MEX5 moisture meter which extend its measuring capabilities and ease of use.

Tramex pin probes and electrodes

Pin Probes and electrodes

The MEX5 has a bayonet port for optional accessories such as:

  • Wood pin probes

  • Insulated Electrodes

    • These pin type electrodes with insulated pins of either 90mm or 200mm, can be used to detect moisture in soft material such as deep insulation.

Relative Humidity Probes


Tramex Relative Humidity Probes
Extension handle

Extension handle

The extension handle is a useful accessory for measuring in out of reach, high places. It can also be used for taking readings on the floor and thus reduces the need for crouching or kneeling.