Introducing the Tramex Moisture Encounter MEX5

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The Tramex Moisture Encounter MEX5 is a multi-purpose dual-depth moisture meter for all types of building materials. The MEX5 features non-destructive measurements, and optional pin-type and relative humidity probe measurements.

The MEX5 measures moisture content percentage in wood and drywall and provides comparative readings in various other building materials, like plaster, tile, and masonry. 

The non-destructive Shallow Depth scale allows for the reduction or elimination of substrate influence when testing the moisture conditions of floor or wall coverings on a substrate.

The Bayonet port connects to various optional pin probes for testing wood, drywall, and WME measurements, as well as a range of hygrometer probes for in-situ RH testing.

The Moisture Encounter MEX5 features a built-in hygrometer for measuring ambient conditions, such as temperature, Relative Humidity, dewpoint, and grains-per-pound and incorporates an infrared thermometer providing surface temperature readings, as well as allowing a range of other functions to be calculated. 

The different types of measurements such as moisture levels, ambient conditions and surface temperature, which the MEX5 provides are useful when assessing and investigating elevated moisture issues.

The MEX5 works with the Tramex Meters App and allows the user to monitor, moisture map, and record a variety of readings simultaneously. Drying conditions can thus be observed until the drying goal is achieved. Results can be made into detailed reports for sharing. 

An extension handle is available to avoid kneeling or for accessing out-of-reach places.

The Tramex Moisture Encounter MEX5 is the all-round moisture meter for the moisture inspection, survey and restoration professional.