How Ambient Conditions Can Affect Floor Covering Installations

How Ambient Conditions Can Affect Floor Covering Installations

Ambient Conditions are important and often overlooked when checking Moisture Conditions of a concrete slab for considering the acceptability of a floor covering or coating. 

It is important to remember that moisture moves from Hot to Cold and that Concrete is generally 1-2 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. If the temperature of the slab is too close to Dewpoint (it should be at least 10 degrees F above) the upper portion of the concrete can become saturated with the moisture that moved from the warmer air to the cooler concrete slab. In that case, the concrete cannot absorb an adhesive or coating to create a bond because the pores of the slab are already filled with liquid moisture. 

The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meters, CME5 and CMEX5, will detect liquid moisture in the top 3/4" of the slab and give an instant indication of the Moisture Content. This is critical information to make an educated decision as to the concrete slab's acceptability of a floor covering. It is also critical that this is done at the time of installation. 

"But they already did ASTM F2170 or ASTM F1869 to give the green light for installation," you say...

Keep in mind both of these ASTM guides indicate the test results are only indicative of the conditions they are testing (in this case both are Vapor moisture tests, not Liquid moisture tests) at the time of installation. To conduct these tests days or weeks before installation and neglect to even look at the Moisture Content (with a Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter giving % MC readings) and Ambient Conditions at the time of installation is like gambling at best. Looking at only the Vapor Moisture (RH) is like looking only out of one eye, you can see but you can't see everything, you can't see as well as with two eyes and you sure as hell might miss some crucial information! 

Get the complete picture and add % MC readings to your RH % readings. Know your Ambient Conditions and % MC at the time of install and moisture-related failures will reduce dramatically!!!

Why Risk It? Just Add Tramex!

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