Tramex Concrete Moisture Meters provide Quantitative Readings

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Andrew Rynhart, Tramex CEO, explains how the Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter provides quantitative moisture content readings using Gravimetric Testing as a baseline.


David: Sometimes the Tramex concrete meter gets pigeonholed as a comparative meter and even people say it's not possible for it to take a quantitative measurement. Could you expand on that point?

Andrew: The way to check moisture meters, the ultimate way to check moisture meters, is to do gravimetric testing, which means you take a sample of the material you're testing, you weigh it, and you put it in an oven over boiling point, which is over 100 degrees celsius, and then you put it in the oven until all the moisture is heated out of it, and then you re-weigh it so you have the wet weight, and then you have the dry weight, and then you present that as a percentage moisture content. So, similarly, on our meters, they read from zero to six or zero to seven percent moisture content by weight. So, if they're reading four percent moisture content and you take a sample of the concrete, and you put it in an oven and you dry it out, and it's four percent lighter that's how you check its calibration, and that has been done with our meters by international bodies and there's definitely enough in proof there to show that the moisture meters are capable of measuring moisture to the degree of accuracy that is needed for the application of putting down floor coverings.