Do moisture meters work on concrete?

Do moisture meters work on concrete?

Moisture meters that are calibrated specifically for concrete provide instant and precise quantitative measurement of the moisture content of concrete.

The best concrete moisture meters have been calibrated using gravimetric testing as a baseline. They also provide stability in use, by way of spring-loaded electrodes, giving repeatable and reliable measurements. If a moisture meter is not calibrated specifically for concrete it cannot be used to measure moisture content, and should only be used for comparative reference. Concrete moisture meters non-destructively measure moisture content in the top ¾ inch of the concrete. The top ¾ inch of the slab is probably the most critical section of the slab as it interacts with the coating or covering that is to be installed.


% Moisture Content

When concrete is first placed, its moisture content by weight will be approximately 6 to 7% water, and half of that water reacts to form cement. The remaining water is chemically bound and no longer of concern for flooring installation. As such, we are essentially concerned with this 3% to 6% window to determine when the concrete is ‘dry enough’, and so precision is critical - precision that concrete moisture meters calibrated using gravimetric testing method as a baseline can provide.


Gravimetric testing as a baseline

Gravimetric testing (the measurement of water % by weight, aka ‘the oven method’) is an industry standard in many different and diverse industries, including the wood industry, grain storage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As a result, gravimetric has been established as the most accurate method of measuring the moisture content of virtually anything.

Advantages of quality concrete moisture meters

One advantage of Tramex concrete moisture meters that have been calibrated to gravimetric methods, such as the CME5 and the CMEX5, is that they are instant, with no need to wait hours or days for a result. This reduces money and time spent. 

Another advantage is that they are very cost-effective and sustainable, with no repetitive costs or waste over years of repeated use. 

Furthermore, the user is not restricted to testing a few specific test locations, such as a drilled hole, or chosen square foot. The user can effectively map out the entire concrete slab, quickly and easily identifying areas of highest moisture, anomalies and potential problem areas. Tramex concrete moisture meters make this even easier in being compatible with moisture mapping apps for recording and reporting mapped data, as well as extension handles to avoid repeated kneeling or crouching.


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