EIK - EIFS Inspection Kit


A complete kit featuring the Tramex RWS Roof and Wall Scanner (a combination of the Wet Wall Detector and the Leak Seeker) for instant, non-destructive evaluation of moisture conditions deep within Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS). The EIFS Inspection Kit includes the Tramex MRHIII moisture and humidity meter, a pin-type resistance probe and a Hygro-i ® relative humidity probe to provide the ideal solution for measurement of ambient relative humidity, temperature and dew point, determination of moisture conditions in a variety of wall materials, sheathing and wood studding of EIFS systems, as well as in-depth readings of the moisture conditions of the substrate.


  • Non-destructive, Deep Penetration Moisture Detection.
  • 7" pins for Deep Wall Probing using attachable Pin-Type Probe.
  • Measures 0-99% Ambient Relative Humidity Conditions.
  • Temperature, Dew Point & Grains Per Pound readings.
  • Measures 5 - 55% Moisture Content in Wood in non-invasive mode.
  • Measures 7 - 40% Moisture Content in Wood using pin-type wood probe.
  • Instant Surface Temperature Measurement.
  • Clear, easy to read dial (RWS).
  • Backlit display for poor lighting conditions (MRH3).


Product Order Code: EIK5.1


  • Size: 19.2" x 14.9" x 5.7" (487mm x 380mm x 145mm)
  • Weight: 9.9lbs (4.51kg)
  • Power: 3 x 9 volt PP3
  • Batteries (included)


Measuring range - RWS:


  • Depth of penetration: (NDT* ) 4" (100mm)
  • Reference scale for building materials: 0 to 100


Measuring range - MRH III:


  • Reference scale for building materials: (NDT*) 0 to 100
  • Wood Non-invasive Mode: 5 to 55%MC (at SG of 0.3)
  • Wood Invasive Mode: 7 to 40%MC
  • Relative Humidity ( RH probe ) 0 to 99%
  • *NDT - Non-destructive Test


1. RWS - Roof and Wall Scanner + telescopic handle (for use on roofs).

2. MRH III - Moisture and Humidity meter.

3. Infrared thermometer.

4. Heavy-duty pin-type wood probe.

5. 7” insulated pins for in-depth penetration using pin probe.

6. Hole Punch - for creating pilot holes for long pin probes in EIFS and Roofing Systems.

7. Relative Humidity probe.

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